Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power Electronics and Photovoltaics

The group is currently involved in the following research activities: electromagnetic compatibility (electromagnetic shielding, conducted and radiated emissions from static converters, modeling of the electrical properties of dispersive materials for shielding effectiveness prediction, electromagnetic couplings inside metal enclosures, electromagnetic interference in railway traction systems), wireless transmission of power by inductive resonant coupling, single-phase and three-phase resonant converters, multi-stage and multilevel inverters, non-linearity introduced by static switches, analytical determination and minimization of voltage and current ripple in PWM converters, electrical and thermal optimization of photovoltaic modules, study and realization of solar radiation simulators based on multi-LED and hybrid technology, on-board and off-board chargers for electric vehicles (EV), fast EV charging systems, battery management systems (BMSs), converter controllers based on DSP and FPGA platforms. 

ERC  Fields

  • PE7_2 - Electrical and electronic engineering: semiconductors, components, systems
  • PE7_12 - Electrical energy production, distribution, application


Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Gabriele Grandi 


Gabriele Grandi

Full Professor

Mattia Ricco

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Leonardo Sandrolini

Associate Professor

PhD Students and Research Fellows

Francesco Lo Franco

PhD Student

Research fellow

Teaching tutor

Riccardo Mandrioli

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

Mattia Simonazzi

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

Aleksandr Viatkin

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

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