Seminar - Large Area Flexible Electronics: from device fabrication to modelling

The seminar will be given by Matteo Ghittorelli, Bruno Kessler Foundation

  • Date: 02 December 2019 from 10:00 to 12:00

  • Event location: Room 4.1, Cesena Campus, via dell'Università 50, Cesena (FC)

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Large-area flexible electronics can enable the emerging Internet of Everything applications where people, processes, data and devices will be integrated and connected, to augment quality of life. Using naturally flexible substrates in combination with emerging organic and metal-oxides materials, significant progress has been made and nowadays low-cost flexible circuits, smart sensors and biomedical devices are available. The seminar will introduce the main fabrication technique for large-area flexible electronics, will discuss the main opto-electronics devices and will end with a brief discussion on the main physical mechanisms to be taken into account for the proper modelling and device simulation.