Seminar - Network Slicing in 5G Networks: concepts, design and implementation

The seminar will be given by Dr. Federico Tonini, Postdoc, University of Bologna.

  • Date: 30 October 2019

  • Event location: Room 5.4, School of Engineering, viale Risorgimento 2, Bologna

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About the speaker

Federico Tonini graduated from the University of Bologna (Italy) in Telecommunication Engineering in 2015 and received the Ph.D. in Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technologies Engineering from the same University in 2019. During his PhD, he developed optimization models for the deployment of radio, transport and cloud resources in 4G/5G communication systems. His research activity now focuses on network slice design and optimization.


Network slicing allows to run multiple independent logical networks, called slices, on a common physical infrastructure. The talk gives an overview of the slice creation process following a top-down approach. The mapping of use case requirements into standard slice descriptors is discussed with an overview on GSMA and 3GPP ongoing work. A demo of a simple cloud slice deployment is presented, where Open Source Mano and Openstack are used to instantiate different slices involving remote and edge cloud resources, depending on different service requirements.