Digital Communications (Digicomm)

The Digicomm group research activities focus on wireless system, terrestrial, non-terrestrial, e.g., satellite, and their integration, providing expertise on the design and performance evaluation of physical layer, interference management, and networking techniques, as well as their impact on the architecture and system level design. Specific emphasis is given to 5G and 6G networks, IoT via Satellite networks, with support to and involvement in standardization initiatives, e.g., 3GPP, ETSI, DVB. The group activities address also edge and fog computing, multimedia systems, and navigation and positioning system  

ERC Fields

  • PE7_6 Communication systems, wireless technology, high-frequency technology 
  • PE7_7 Signal processing 
  • PE7_8 Networks, e.g. communication networks and nodes, Internet of Things, sensor networks, networks of robots

Scientific coordinators: Prof. Alessandro Vanelli Coralli e Prof. Giovanni Emanuele Corazza 


Carla Amatetti

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Alessandro Guidotti

Adjunct professor

Daniele Tarchi

Associate Professor

PhD Students and Research Fellows

Mahdi Abdollahpour

PhD Student

Research fellow

Bilal Ahmad

Research fellow

Riccardo Campana

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

M. Rabih Dakkak

PhD Student

Research fellow

Ali Muhammad

PhD Student

David Naseh

PhD Student