Emerging biomedical technologies for diagnosis and therapy

Research is focused on the investigation of physio-pathological mechanisms and on the development of patient-specific and predictive healthcare. The methods applied include multiscale modeling, numerical simulation and medical image processing also including approaches based on artificial intelligence. The main fields of application are: cardiac electrophysiology; transcriptional/translational regulation of natural and synthetic gene expression; artificial kidney and hemodialysis (HD) therapy; biomedical image interpretation and diagnosis. 

Our most recent research projects include: 

  • analysis of ADPKD progress by MR/CT image processing; 
  • tools for cardiac resynchronization therapy optimization; 
  • development of 3D patient-specific cardiac models from CT/MR/real time echocardiography; 
  • analysis of diffusion tensor imaging for cancer and genetic diseases; 
  • insights on atrial fibrillation through the integration of electrical rotors and fibrotic tissue analysis; 
  • effects of biological noise on gene circuit behavior; 
  • multilayer regulation of gene expression during phenotypic transition processes; 
  • quantification of the structural complexity of the brain in MR imaging by fractal analysis; 
  • augmented reality in robotic surgery for the kidney and prostate cancer; 
  • lung densitometry assessment with CT. 

ERC Fields 

  • LS7_1 - Medical engineering and technology 
  • LS7_2 Diagnostic tools (e.g. genetic, imaging) 
  • LS9_2 - Synthetic biology, chemical biology and bio-engineering 
  • PE6_13 - Bioinformatics, biocomputing, and DNA and molecular computation 
  • LS5_10 - Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience 


Cristiana Corsi

Associate Professor

Stefano Diciotti

Associate Professor

Emanuele Domenico Giordano

Associate Professor

Stefano Severi

Associate Professor