Innovative Technologies for Electric Power Systems

The Group carries out research and teaching activities in the field of electrical energy technology. Research activities are focused on the characterization of innovative materials for electrical applications, from nanostructured insulation systems for high voltages AC and DC to electric storage systems and electro-active materials. A significant activity is dedicated to the diagnostics of electrical equipment for high and medium voltages, to the evaluation of magnetic fields generated by power systems, to the technical-economic analysis of innovative systems for the transmission of electricity, to the reliability assessment of renewable sources. The activity is coordinated with the University Group on Power Energy Systems and is carried out through national and international research collaborations, such as those with Terna, Enel Distribuzione, Enel Green Power, Dupont, Alstom, Nexans, General Electric, Prysmian, Borealis, Pfisterer, IREQ (CA), University of Toulouse, Montpellier, Delft, Madrid, Bandung (Indonesia), Sastra (India), Naples 1, Trieste.

The group is working on three European projects:

  1. Horizon 2020 - New generation of HVDC insulation materials, cables and systems (Newgen). Kick off October 1st, 2022
  2. Horizon-RIA - Novel concept of a low-cost, high-power density and highly efficient recyclable motor for next generation mass produced electric vehicles (HEFT). Kick off 2023.
  3. Horizon-JU-IA - Digitalization of Power Electronic Applications within Key Technology Value Chains (PowerizeD). Kick off 2023.

ERC Fields

  • PE2_6 – Electromagnetisms 
  • PE8_6 - Energy systems (production, distribution, application) 
  • PE8_9 - Materials engineering (biomaterials, metals, ceramics, polymers, composites...) 

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Andrea Cavallini 


Andrea Cavallini

Full Professor

Davide Fabiani

Associate Professor

Giovanni Mazzanti

Associate Professor

Paolo Seri

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Simone Vincenzo Suraci

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)