Magnet Technology and Applied Superconductivity

The research focus is on the applications of electromagnetic fields for industry, electric power systems, transportation, high-energy physics and environment. Applications include permanent magnet systems and resistive or superconducting electromagnets for particle accelerators, controlled thermonuclear fusion and magnetic resonance. In the industrial and transportation sectors, magnetic levitation systems (flywheels, conveyors, MAGLEV), actuators, induction heating, separation and magnetic filtration are studied. For the electrical system we study high-efficiency transmission cables, fault current limiters, and energy storage systems. The research activities are carried out in collaboration with national and international Universities and Research Institutes. The laboratory is equipped with facilities for the characterization of superconducting and magnetic materials and devices. The research group develops the models and the software tools for the analysis and optimized design of electromagnetic systems for applications. 

ERC Fields 

  • PE8_6 - Energy systems (production, distribution, application) 
  • PE8_4 - Computational engineering 
  • PE8_9 - Materials engineering (biomaterials, metals, ceramics, polymers, composites...) 
  • PE3_6 - Macroscopic quantum phenomena: superconductivity, superfluidity 

Scientific coordinators: Prof. Marco BreschiAntonio Morandi 


Marco Breschi

Associate Professor

Massimo Fabbri

Associate Professor

Antonio Morandi

Associate Professor

Pier Luigi Ribani

Associate Professor