Radio-frequency/millimetre-wave circuits and antennas design

The research activity of the group consists of: 

  • Electromagnetic/circuital co-design of low-power miniaturized radio-frequency/millimetre wave systems embedding the antennas and exploiting non-conventional and eco-compatible materials, such as textiles, for IoT and wearable applications. 
  • Design of RF energy harvesting radiating systems both single band and multiband for energy-autonomous wireless sensors with application in industry automation and in localization.  
  • Wireless systems for simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT), in both hybrid and monolithic solutions. 
  • Wireless power transmission systems, both static and “on-the-move”, exploiting near- and far-field techniques, for different power levels (from few mW to kW) and operating frequency, for both industrial and biomedical applications. 
  • Analysis and design of advanced and highly reconfigurable radiating systems (able to realize beam-forming and beam-focusing) through time-modulation and frequency diversity techniques applied to the radiating elements. 
  • Development of algorithms for the circuital/electromagnetic analysis and design of entire radio-frequency/millimeter-wave links 

The research activity is supported by an intense experimental activity, mainly carried out in the RFCAL lab – Laboratory of Radio-Frequency Circuits and Antenna design.

ERC Fields 

  • PE2_6 - Electromagnetism 
  • PE7_6 - Communication technology, high-frequency technology

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Alessandra Costanzo 


Mazen Al Shanawani

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Alessandra Costanzo

Full Professor

Diego Masotti

Associate Professor

PhD Students and Research Fellows

Shobit Agarwal

PhD Student

Francesca Benassi

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

Ghulam Murtaza

PhD Student

Giacomo Paolini

Research fellow

Teaching tutor

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