Design, control and diagnostics of electrical machines for automation, transport and energy

The research activity concerns the design and development of devices for electromechanical energy conversion, such as synchronous machines, induction machines, direct current and permanent magnet (brushless) machines, of rotary or linear type, and transformers. The methodologies of analysis and design of electrical machines are refined according to the specific industrial application, the integration with the control system and reliability and diagnostic issues. The competences of the working group include the development of FOC and DTC control algorithms for fault-tolerant drives for aerospace applications, the implementation of diagnostic methods for finding and locating electrical and mechanical faults and anomalies in electrical machines and drives, the realization of components and subsystems for electric and hybrid traction, such as electric powertrains, power-split e-CVT hybrids, and battery systems. 

ERC Fields 

  • PE7_1 - Control engineering 
  • PE7_2 - Electrical and electronic engineering: semiconductors, components, systems 
  • PE2_6 - Electromagnetism 
  • PE8_6 - Energy systems (production, distribution, application) 

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Luca Zarri


Alberto Bellini

Full Professor

Claudio Rossi

Full Professor

Giacomo Sala

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Giovanni Serra

Alma Mater Professor

Luca Zarri

Full Professor

PhD Students and Research Fellows

Luca Biondani

Teaching tutor

Elena Macrelli

PhD Student