Electromagnetic Compatibility and Plasmas for Industrial, Aerospace, and Biomedical Applications

The group’s research is dedicated to the following topics, both from the theoretical/numerical and experimental points of view:

Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Electromagnetic shielding, conducted and radiated emissions from power converters;

  • Modelling of the electrical properties of dispersive materials for shielding effectiveness prediction, electromagnetic couplings inside metal enclosures;

  • Electromagnetic interference in railway traction systems);

  • Wireless power transmission by inductive resonant coupling;

Plasmas for industrial, aerospace, and biomedical applications

  • Electrical discharges in ionized gases (glow and Corona discharges, dielectric barrier discharges (DBDs));

  • Plasmas for space propulsion (miniaturized Hall and cylindrical plasma thrusters);

  • Biomedical and biological applications of plasmas (plasma production of ozone and chemically active species, abatement of impurities, treatment of polymeric materials);

  • Plasma diagnostics (emission and absorption spectroscopy, ozone measurements, ultra-fast and intensified photography, Schlieren imaging, microwaves interferometry, Langmuir and Pitot probes)

  • Plasma generators (dielectric barrier discharge power supplies, high-voltage power supplies with arbitrary waveforms, high voltage and high frequency power supplies);

  • Applied electrohydrodynamics (EHD interaction for aerodynamics and fluid dynamics);

  • Applied magnetohydrodynamics (MHD energy conversion and MHD interactions in supersonic and hypersonic flows);

Further information on the group members, research activities and collaborations can be accessed via the Plasma Technology Laboratory website (https://site.unibo.it/plasmatechlab/en)

ERC  Fields

  • PE2_5 - Gas and plasma physics
  • PE2_6 - Electromagnetism
  • PE7_2 - Electrical and electronic engineering: semiconductors, components, systems
  • PE7_3 – Simulation engineering and modelling
  • PE7_6 – Communication technology, high-frequency technology

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Andrea Cristofolini


Andrea Cristofolini

Full Professor

Gabriele Neretti

Associate Professor

Arturo Popoli

Fixed-term Researcher in Tenure Track L. 79/2022

Ugo Reggiani

Emeritus Professor

Leonardo Sandrolini

Associate Professor

PhD Students and Research Fellows

Luigi Manes

Teaching tutor

Giacomo Pierotti

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

Silvia Giuditta Scaltriti

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

Mattia Simonazzi

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)