Electromagnetic Propagation, Optical and Wireless Systems

The group deals with research, teaching and technology transfer in the area of electromagnetic field propagation and of communication and remote sensing systems that make use of electromagnetic waves. The research activities mainly concern: 

  • Characterization of propagation at radio, millimeter waves, terahertz, and optical frequencies, with particular attention to MIMO applications (beamforming), Radio over Fiber, systems for mobile communications, inter- / intra-chip communications, and to the development of scattering models 
  • Deterministic prediction of radio propagation for radiolocation algorithms and wireless network design 
  • Smart-city and energy efficiency as related to solar radiation and green communications 
  • Efficient spectrum management and cognitive radio 
  • E.m. exposure evaluation and protection 
  • Low energy consumption solutions for wireless signal distribution based on the combined use of optical and RF technologies 
  • Analysis and Design of passive multi-operator fiber-to-home (FTTH-PON) optical networks 
  • Optical fiber systems for radio astronomy applications 
  • Optical and e.m. techniques for monitoring, sensing and communication in industrial applications 

ERC Fields 

  • PE2_6 – Electromagnetism 
  • PE7_6 - Communication technology, high-frequency technology 

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Vittorio Degli Esposti 


Marina Barbiroli

Associate Professor

Vittorio Degli Esposti

Associate Professor

Franco Fuschini

Associate Professor

Giovanni Tartarini

Associate Professor

Enrico Maria Vitucci

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

PhD Students and Research Fellows

Jacopo Nanni

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)