Plasma Engineering and Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics

The research activity of the group is in the following sectors: Electrical Discharges in Ionized Gases (glow discharges, corona discharges, dielectric barrier discharges), Applied Magneto-fluid-dynamics (MHD direct energy conversion and MHD interaction in supersonic and hypersonic flows), and Applied Electro-fluid-dynamic (EHD interaction applications in aerodynamics and fluid-dynamics), Biological and Bio-medical Applications of Plasmas (active species  production be means of plasmas for biological applications, impurity reduction, treatment of polymer materials), Plasma Diagnostics (emission and absorption spectroscopy, ultra-fast and intensified photography, Schlieren techniques, microwave interferometry, Langmuir and Pitot probes), Plasma generators (dielectric barrier discharge power supplies, high voltage power supplies in continuous current and high voltage and high-frequency power supplies).  

In these fields, the group carries out experimental activities, theoretical and numerical studies, interpretation of experimental data, modelling and related numerical activities. The results of these researches are reported in more than 200 publications. 

ERC  Fields

  • PE2_5 - Gas and plasma physics 

  • PE2_6 - Electromagnetism 

  • PE7_2 - Electrical and electronic engineering: semiconductors, components, systems 

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Carlo A. Borghi


Carlo Angelo Borghi

Full Professor

Andrea Cristofolini

Associate Professor

Gabriele Neretti

Associate Professor

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