Radio Networks

The Radio Networks group, founded by Prof. Roberto Verdone, since more than 20 years is pursuing its activities in the fields of radio systems and networks, with particular reference to the evolution of mobile radio systems and the Internet of Things. The application domains of interest are smart cities, smart buildings, personal networks, precision agriculture, vehicular communications and the Industrial IoT. 

The Radio Networks group is among the founders of the National Laboratory WiLab ( and has established since long ago international collaborations with many foreign Universities and small, medium and large companies. 

Radio Networks is involved in the UniBo spin-off IDESIO. 

ERC Fields 

  • PE7_6 - Communication technology, high-frequency technology

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Roberto Verdone


Alessandro Bazzi

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Chiara Buratti

Associate Professor

Gianni Pasolini

Assistant professor

Roberto Verdone

Full Professor

Flavio Zabini

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

PhD Students and Research Fellows

Alice Chantal Baldini

Adjunct professor

Giampaolo Cuozzo

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

Riccardo Marini

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

Silvia Mignardi

PhD Student

Research fellow

Teaching tutor

Marco Skocaj

PhD Student

Teaching tutor

Other people

  • Flaminia Saratti
  • Sara Cavallero
  • Francesca Conserva
  • Nicolò Longhi
  • Silvia Calderoni
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