Design of systems and analog/digital circuits in smart-power technology

The research concerns the design of analog and digital circuits in smart-power technology for integration in sensor and actuator nodes belonging to sensor networks, with the aim of increasing the performance in terms of power consumption and computation capability. The activities are carried out mainly within the joint STMicroelectronics – ARCES lab. Themes of concern are: 

  • circuit design of ultra-low power radios (wake-up radios) to be used in alternative to the main radio; 
  • design, using the common standard cells design flow, of programmable digital peripherals (embedded FPGA) devoted to the execution of control functions while keeping the microcontroller in an idle low-power state; 
  • design of circuits for in-memory computing applications, using arrays of PCM memories.   

ERC Fields 

  • PE7_2 Electrical and electronic engineering: semiconductors, components, systems   
  • PE7_5 Micro- and nanoelectronics, optoelectronics   

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Eleonora Franchi Scarselli 


Eleonora Franchi Scarselli

Associate Professor

Antonio Gnudi

Associate Professor

Roberto Guerrieri

Full Professor

PhD Students and Research Fellows

Alessio Antolini

Research fellow

PhD Student

Matteo D'Addato

PhD Student

Other people

  • Luca Perilli
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