Seminario: Above-6GHz Radio Channel Modeling: Insights from Aalto's Research Activities

Il seminario sarà tenuto dal Prof. Katsuyuki Haneda, Aalto University, Finlandia, nell'ambito del corso "Trends in Communications".

  • Data: 27 ottobre 2017 dalle 11:00 alle 14:00

  • Luogo: Aula 5.4, Scuola di Ingegneria e Architettura, viale Risorgimento 2, Bologna

Contatto di riferimento:

About the speaker

Katsuyuki Haneda is an associate professor in the Aalto University, Finland. He is the recipient of the best paper awards in VTC2013-Spring and EuCAP2013 as a first author, and in a number of international conferences and journals as a co-author. Dr. Haneda has been an editor of the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation and Wireless Communications. His research covers wireless and electromagnetic design and modeling for cellular, medical and emergency applications.


This talk gives brief overview of experiment-driven physical layer research for fifth-generation radio link designs. In particular, the talk highlights radio channel moiling at millimeter-wave frequency bands exemplified by our research results. One of the most important aspects of millimeter-wave channel modelling is frequency dependency of radio propagation and antennas. We clarify them from theoretical perspectives first, and then introduce a measurement-based study through radio channel sounding. The study reveals frequency dependency of critical radio channel properties, e.g., pathloss, human body blockage, delay and angular spreads of omni-directional channels, multipath sparsity and radio wave depolarisation. These findings partly support the recent development of the 3GPP channel model for new radios, while they may also suggest refinement of some other parts of the channel model. We also show that the findings have significant implications on attainable performance of radio links at millimetre-waves.