Seminario - Photonic integrated circuits for telecommunications

Il seminario sarà tenuto dal Prof. Jos Van der Tol, Tecniche Universiteit Eindhoven, nell'ambito del corso "Trends in Communications".

  • Data: 01 dicembre 2017 dalle 11:00 alle 14:00

  • Luogo: Aula 5.4, Scuola di Ingegneria e Architettura, viale Risorgimento 2, Bologna

Jos Van der Tol

Contatto di riferimento:

Recapito telefonico per contatti: + 39 051 2093050

About the speaker

Dr. Jos van der Tol received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from the State University of Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands, in 1979 and 1985, respectively. In 1985, he joined KPN Research, where he became involved in research on integrated optical components for use in telecommunication networks. His research interest in this field have covered modelling of waveguides, design of electro-optical devices on lithium niobate, and their fabrication. Furthermore, he has been working on guided wave components on III-V semiconductor materials. He has also been active in the field of optical networks, focusing on survivability, introduction scenarios and management issues. Since July 1999, he is with the University of Technology Eindhoven, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, where his research interests include opto-electronic integration, polarization issues, photonic membranes and photonic crystals. He is the author and co-author of more than 170 publications in the fields of integrated optics and optical networks and holds 26 patent applications.


In this seminar an upcoming technology is presented for addressing the ever growing needs of telecommunication: photonic integration. It will be explained what this technology is and what it brings for telecom applications. Attention will be given to both the current status, but also to advanced communication systems, as well as advances in photonic integration itself. Furthermore, the developments in Eindhoven, one of the hotspots of photonic integration, will be described. And finally it will be shown how you can get your own photonic integrated chips realized, at affordable costs!